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How To Tell Where Shoulder Pain Is Coming From in Newport Beach, CA

How To Tell Where Shoulder Pain Is Coming From | Chiropractor for Shoulder Pain in Newport Beach, CA

There are different tests during a shoulder pain exams that can help us better understand where shoulder pain is coming from.

Varying Shoulder Pain Exams

The first test for shoulder impingement is called the Hawkins test. This simple test can indicate impingement syndrome. You will start with the shoulder and your arm flexed, then we rotate the arm internally. If you experience pain when rotating your arm inwards, this is the result of a positive test. The second test you can try is the drop arm test. We can easily try this by having someone lift your arm out at a 90 degree angle with your thumb pointing down. Then have them suddenly let go. If you can’t hold your arm up, or if your arm dropped, suddenly, there is a likelihood of a rotator cuff issue. For the third test, you will place your hand behind your back around your belt-line to try to move your hand away from your body. If there’s pain, or you can’t hold it high, there’s a possibility of a rotator cuff problem.

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